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The Amazing Science
of Auriculotherapy:
How Pressing Specific Points on Your Outer Ear
Can Help You Stop Smoking ... Eliminate Pain ...
Shed Excess Weight ... Quit the Alcohol Habit ...
and Heal over 350 Diseases

Outer Ear (Auricle)What if you could touch a single point on your ear ... and make your craving for food, nicotine, alcohol or any other substance disappear?

     What if you could massage the helix point on the upper part of your ear ... and immediately lower your blood pressure or reduce fever, inflammation or swelling?

     And what if you could tug on your ear lobe ... and migraines just vanished?

     These scenarios seem like they come straight out of fictional films like "Bewitched" ... in which characters tug at their ears or twitch their noses to cast magic spells.  But the fact is ... healing the body via the outer ear is actually based on science, not fiction.

     That science is called auriculotherapy.  Here's an excerpt from The Amazing Science of Auriculotherapy:

     Auriculotherapy (aw-RIK-ulo-therapy), also called auricular therapy, is a branch of alternative medicine that has its roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  It is a state-of-the-art therapy for the treatment of over 350 diseases, and is a clinical science recognized by the World Health Organization and approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Auricular Points

     One of the core principles of this healing technology is that the outer portion of the ear (i.e., the auricle) is a microsystem that represents every part of the human body.  In other words, every point of the outer ear corresponds to, and is associated with, a specific part of the human anatomy.

     Whereas general body acupuncture addresses health problems by working on the energy meridians of the body, auriculotherapy is based on nerve connections (in the human nervous system) and offers specific localized treatment for the organs or systems involved in the health problem.

     Auriculotherapy has been used successfully for ...

Smoking cessation - Auriculotherapy is thought to be 7 times more powerful than other methods used for smoking cessation; a single auriculotherapy treatment has been shown to reduce smoking from 20 or more cigarettes a day down to 3 to 5 a day.

● Allergies, asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis, and cold and flu symptoms

Weight loss
- Clinical studies showed an average of 1-2 pounds lost per week just by applying acupressure on the Hunger Point of the outer ear.

● Pain relief (including back pain, migraines, neck pain,
   sciatica pain, radiating pain to arms or legs)

● Hypertension (high blood pressure) and hypotension (low blood pressure)

Memory loss - Auriculotherapy has been used to facilitate improvement in memory in people with mild to severe dementia.

● Stress relief

Insomnia - A
study involving 46 cases of insomnia -- 19 male and 27 female -- was conducted in the China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Beijing.  The test subjects were given auriculotherapy treatments.  Of the 46 cases treated, 32 cases (69.5%) were cured -- i.e., able to sleep more than 7 hours; 13 cases (28.3%) were improved -- i.e., able to sleep 5-6 hours; and only 1 case (2.2%) failed -- i.e., able to sleep less than 3 hours.  The success rate was 97.8%.

● Hepatitis A, B and C

Depression, anxiety and other mental disorders

● Recovery from paralysis

Alcoholism -
A study of chronic alcoholics found that subjects who participated in a trial of auriculotherapy had 50% less drinking episodes, and 50% less return visits to detoxification facilities, compared with a control group.

Diabetes, obesity and other metabolic disorders

● Eye disorders, blurred vision -- and even glaucoma

Hemorrhoids, digestion problems and constipation

Immune response against infection

● Gastrointestinal disorders such as Crohn's disease

● The correction of imbalances in the body ... and a wide
    variety of health conditions originating from every
    bodily system.

     For many people, auriculotherapy is also the treatment of choice for eliminating addictive behaviors including alcohol and drug abuse (street and recreational drugs), attention deficit disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and even gambling.

     Auriculotherapy is similar to ear acupuncture but instead of using needles, a microcurrent stimulator is placed on reflex points on the outer ear.  These points then send a message to the brain based on the location of the reflex point being treated.

     There are various modes of auriculotherapy administration, including sonopuncture (ultrasound), laser therapy, electro-acupuncture and piezo electric acupuncture stimulator.  But by far, the simplest mode of auriculotherapy administration is through ear acupressure (also called ear reflexology), which utilizes finger pressure, or a narrow, blunt-tipped wand, such as the end of a match stick. 

Anti-Depressant Point     Once you learn how to identify the reflex points on the outer ear that have a therapeutic effect on the body (such as the point for Appetite Control, the Anti-Depressant point, the Insomnia point, the Smoking Cessation point), and discover the simple technique for stimulating those points, you'll be able to employ the do-it-yourself approach at home.  Ear acupressure is a method that requires the use of your fingers (or simple paraphernalia, such as herbal beads, pellets or a blunt wand) to apply pressure on the reflex points (also referred to as auricular points).  Although this method is very simple, it can nonetheless, help you experience the therapeutic benefits mentioned above --  without needles, micro-current, special equipment, or a visit to a health practitioner who specializes in auriculotherapy.

Health Benefits
(and Little-Known Amazing Effects)
of Auriculotherapy

     Since the outer ear is a microsystem that connects to every part of the human body, auriculotherapy relieves a wide variety of health problems.  Virtually all health conditions can be improved to some degree by stimulating the ear points.

     Many practitioners of Qi Gong, an internal Chinese healing art that promotes the circulation of qi (pronounced chee), or vital energy, within the human body, make it a daily practice to massage their ears as a way of enhancing overall health.  Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that pain, disease, or dysfunction is due to a blockage of qi within the body.  The stimulation of ear acupuncture points is believed to help restore the normal flow of qi, thereby relieving symptoms that resulted from its stagnation or blockage.

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