Why These Health Breakthroughs are
Deliberately Kept Secret from the Public

The single best source of "underground" discoveries that can heal
virtually any disease ... eliminate pain ... optimize your health and well-being ...
and slow down your aging process --
without medical intervention

     "This is truly an outstanding book, Danica.  You and everyone involved should be very proud of it.  I'm reading through it with highlighter in hand ... WOW!  This is FANTASTIC information!  We could all live to 100+ on these natural substances.  As I read, I can't help but think how truly 'wonderfully and fearfully' we human beings are made." -- Lewis Williams,  Winnsboro, Texas  (2 Dec 2012)

ractically every week, new alternative health breakthroughs are discovered.  Most of them are scientifically proven to heal a wide variety of diseases ... eliminate pain ... slow down or reverse the aging process ... and enhance health and longevity. 

     And yet, these powerful health alternatives -- most of which are inexpensive or free -- are unknown to most people because they're
deliberately kept secret from the public.

How many of these health breakthroughs do you know?
Fill in the blanks below.  The answers can transform your health
and well-being -- and enhance your youth and longevity. 

Tree Bark - 1 Million Times More Effective Than Chemo1)  Which North American fruit tree has been shown to be "a million times stronger than chemotherapy drugs" at fighting cancer -- and causes no side effects
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Hint:  No, it's not graviola or soursop.  The bark of this fruit tree is exceedingly more powerful than these.  A twenty-year, $5 million study funded by the National Cancer Institute showed this non-toxic natural extract to be an effective cancer treatment ... compared to the dismal 2% success rate of chemo.

Diabetes Meds Obsolete?2)  Which doctor-recommended drug-free diabetes remedy has a 100% success rate -- and could potentially make diabetes medications obsolete? 
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Hint:  The doctor who discovered this inexpensive and safe approach to diabetes has never had a single patient who was not able to get off their diabetes medicines using this revolutionary solution.  In a UCLA clinical study on diabetes, Type 2 patients were able to reverse their diabetes in just 3 weeks!

Non-Drug Cure for Arthritis3)    Which non-drug arthritis cure -- yes, cure! -- reverses the breakdown of cartilage?
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Hint:  This cure for arthritis is protected by 14 patents -- and is based on a revolutionary molecule which literally halts the breakdown of cartilage and throws it in reverse.  Ten clinical trials costing $45 million proves that this molecule is the most effective natural supplement for joint pain.  And no, it's not glucosamine or chondroitin.

4Turns Gray Hair Back to Natural Color)  When you regularly consume the juice of this young cereal grass, it slows down the aging process, rejuvenates aging cells, and turns gray hair back to its natural color
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Hint:  This potent juice has also been shown to double your red cell count just by soaking in it -- and it detoxifies the body, fights tumors, and tightens loose and sagging skin..

5Precisely Engineered Thought Patterns)  Which scientifically validated mind technology has been shown to cause spontaneous remission from disease
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:  This discovery is being hailed worldwide as a major breakthrough that proves our bodies and our genes can be changed, healed and transformed by retraining our thoughts. 
Precisely engineered thought patterns can even "rewrite" abnormal genes to a healthier state -- and you can experience healing results instantly.

     How many of the above questions were you able to answer?      If you're like most people, you probably didn't know the answer to any of them. 

     Why?  Because these types of "underground" health breakthroughs and natural remedies are rarely reported by mainstream media.  Instead, they are systematically suppressed and even banned because they threaten the profits of mainstream medicine and the pharmaceutical industry.

     Just think about it ... What would happen to the earnings of Big Pharma and the medical industry if people knew all these health breakthroughs and natural remedies that enable them to heal themselves of virtually any disease or health problem?

     What if you every individual were able to optimize their health and well-being ... and
no one ever needed medical treatment again -- except for emergencies and natural disasters?

     As you
read this article in its entirety, not only will the 5 health breakthroughs above be revealed, but you will also discover countless other extraordinary alternative health options that will make a dramatic impact on your health and well-being.
Why You Must Have This Alternative Health Information Now

am Danica Collins, the editor of the Underground Health Reporter health and wellness e-newsletter.  The Underground Health Reporter is a weekly publication that reveals little-known, cutting-edge -- sometimes unconventional, and always startling -- alternative health information that can revolutionize your health or even save your life.

     Since its first issue in 2009, the
Underground Health Reporter e-newsletter has gained tremendous popularity as a leading health and wellness publication online, amassing hundreds of thousands of loyal readers and subscribers.

  Underground Health Reporter Book   Over the last few years -- ever since the maiden issue of
the Underground Health Reporter was broadcast in 2009 -- thousands of our readers have been sending us e-mails asking us to compile all the cutting-edge health information of our e-newsletter into ... a book.

     We finally gave in to their demand.  For the first time ever, we're making the Underground Health Reporter book available to the public. 

     This book is an unparalleled collection of cutting-edge, unconventional, hushed-up, forgotten, and little-known health breakthroughs and natural treatments for a wide variety of diseases, ailments and health problems from A to Z -- including, but not limited to:

     AIDS ... Allergies ... Acid Reflux ... Addiction ... Alzheimer's Disease ... Arthritis ... Asthma ... Cancer ... Depression ... Diabetes ... Emphysema ... Hair Loss ... Hepatitis ... Herpes ... Heart Disease ... Insomnia ... Osteoporosis ... Prostate Problems ... Pain ... Sexual Dysfunction ... Stroke ... and virtually every ailment in existence.

     Every alternative therapy and health breakthrough presented in the fully-illustrated pages of this book has been thoroughly researched and verified for its effectiveness before it was allowed to be included in this compilation. 

Here's a Partial List of Alternative
Health Secrets Revealed in the

Underground Health
Reporter book:


Mushroom That Cures AIDS? More Effective in Eradicating HIV than Azidothymidine.  A compound found in an exotic black mushroom has been shown to have great promise in the fight against HIV.  It is proven to be more effective in wiping out the HIV virus than AZT, an antiviral treatment used in the treatment of HIV.   (See page 35

Stop the AIDS virus dead in its tracks with a simple in-home device that costs only $200.  This inexpensive, low-voltage device is safe for home use, and works better than -- and costs only a tiny fraction of -- AZT and other expensive treatments that never cure the disease.  The effectiveness of this low-voltage machine was proven by doctors at a prestigious medical college!  (See page 113)

Alzheimer's Disease:

The "World's Most Perfect Food" Prevents and Controls Alzheimer's Disease.  The fruit that contains every nutrient required for human survival has been shown to be a major brain-health food that prevents and manages Alzheimer's Disease.  It also contains a nutrient that prevents the tangled nerve fibers often experienced by those with Alzheimer's.  (See page 57)

Anti-Aging and Longevity

The World's Greatest Anti-Aging Food
The No. 1 Anti-Aging Food - This food's abundant supply of nucleic acid gives it remarkable rejuvenating properties and the ability to repair cells and tissues rapidly.  Patients treated with foods rich in these acids looked and felt 6 to 12 years younger than their chronological age!  It is well known for its ability to keep skin smooth and youthful -- and it has also been shown to be effective in treating cancer, AIDS, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Disease.  (See page 17)

How to Make Your Cells Grow Younger -- The nutritional effect of the enzymes present in this type of "immature food" can help "youthify" your cells and make you look younger.  This was proven by a researcher who showed how the bodies of decrepit old rats began to grow younger and become transformed when fed this botanical.   (See page 15)

Turn Gray Hair Back to Natural Color
How to Turn Gray Hair Back to Its Natural Color Naturally -- The juice from this amazing live food has the ability to restore the health of your kidneys and blood, rejuvenating your cells, thereby returning your hair to its original color.  This powerful juice has also been shown to fight tumors, detoxify the body, deliver oxygen to the cells (which helps to prevent cancer), and build your blood nature's way.  (See page 20)

A Powdery Substance Derived from the Stems of Flowering Plants is Nature's "Fountain of Youth" -- Health practitioners believe that a person could live on just this one complete food, which contains vitamins A, C, E, B-complex, carotenoids, amino acids, minerals and fatty acids.  It has been shown to slow down or reverse the aging process, boost the immune system, inhibit mutated cells (such as cancer) from growing ... and act as an antibiotic, an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory.  (See page 8)

Longevity and Age Reversal
A Red-Orange Fruit from a Chinese Shrub Promotes Longevity and Reverses Aging -- Known as one of the world's most nutrient-dense foods, this fruit has been revered for its medicinal properties for 6,000 years.  In addition to its anti-aging and longevity support, it also inhibits the growth of cancer cells, improves the immune system and circulation, restores libido and improves fertility.

     A study in 1994 revealed that patients who took a cancer drug with this fruit had a
250% higher rate of recovery than those who took only the drug. This marvelous fruit has also been shown to contribute to brain health and may help prevent Alzheimer's Disease(See page 11)

     "Underground Health Reporter is the single best source for finding cures for health conditions that can't be cured by conventional medicine."  Peter K., Cincinnati, Ohio

A Purple Chilean Berry with More Anti-Aging and Immune-Boosting Power than Red Wine or Any Fruit or Vegetable -- This berry is considered a "fountain of youth" due to the strength of the antioxidants, anythocyanins and polyphenols it contains, compared to other anti-aging foods available.  (See page 13)

No. 1 Food for LongevityThe No. 1 Food for Longevity -- There is growing evidence that a diet high in polyphenols and naturally occurring chemicals that are abundant in this decadent superfood can help increase an individual's chance of reaching his or her maximum lifespan.

     This superfood
contains certain compounds that can trigger weight loss, make you feel good and improve your mood -- and has also been shown to balance brain chemistry ... build strong bones ... and help regulate heartbeat and blood pressure.   (See page 16)

Two Rejuvenating Herbs Used by the World's Longest-Living Man -- A Chinese man, who has the longest recorded lifespan in history (256 years) attributed his long life to an herbal tea made of 2 powerful herbs.
One herb has been shown to be effective in
improving memory, strengthening the immune system, and is also a powerful anti-aging booster; and the other is best known as an anti-aging herb that prevents premature hair loss and graying of the hair.  (See page 5)

A Newly Discovered "Super-Absorbable" Nutrient Slows Down the Aging Process by Up to 51%.  This celebrated nutrient, which is 8 times more potent than its conventional form, ushers in a "next-generation" solution to human aging.  In a documented lab study, ordinary mice given this supplement became "super mice" -- exhibiting the same vigor as those half their age ... having 2-1/2 times more endurance than those that didn't receive the supplement  ... and they aged 22% more slowly.  This is called "the most critical health discovery since 1958."  (See page 124)

     "To me, Danica Collins has become synonymous with 'essential health info mainstream publications aren't brave enough to write about."  I'm very familiar with the questionable ethics of the FDA, the shortcomings of mainstream medicine, and suppression tactics of Big Pharma.  Danica goes where few dare to go, and her courage in bringing these topics to the public through Underground Health Reporter is commendable." - Bruce C., Houston, Texas

Cancer:  Alternative Treatment and Prevention:

Brown Seaweed A Brown Seaweed Extract Causes Cancer Tumors to Self-Destruct!   The medicinal powers of brown seaweed include immune support, healthy skin and hair, stabilization of blood sugar, and detoxification.  A nutrient present in the brown seaweed has been proven to cause rapidly growing cancer cells to self-destruct.   (See page 27)

A Mushroom That Cures Cancer - A beta-lucan compound found in this flavorful mushroom has been shown to have anti-cancer properties in humans.  This compound has anti-tumor capabilities, and has been effective in the treatment of colorectal cancer, pancreatic cancer, hepatocellular carcinoma, gastric cancer and stomach cancer.  (See page 35)

A Simple, Non-Invasive Test Detects Cancer with 95% Accuracy. Developed by a Harvard-trained doctor, this nearly foolproof test can pinpoint certain antibodies and determine if you have cancer cells, and where those cancer cells are located.  Early detection enables you to seek treatment options, such as the alternative remedies presented in this book.  (See page 23)

$8 Nutritional Chemotherapy
An $8 "Nutritional Chemotherapy" Reduces Multiplication of Cancer Cells by 98%  --  A common root used as a spice (and which costs only $8) produces results as powerful as chemotherapy, but without side effects. This underground treatment was shown in one study to reduce the rapid multiplication of cancer cells by 98%.  It was also shown to be 90% effective in reducing mouth and tongue cancers caused by smoking.  (See page 37)

This "Miracle Tree" Has
90 Essential Nutrients and 2 Compounds that Prevent Cancer and Reduce Tumors (or retard their growth).  This has earned it the reputation of being a cancer preventative plant.  India's natural Ayurvedic medicine uses leaves from this tree to prevent and treat over 300 diseases The leaves are also an anti-aging powerhouse because they contain several thousand times more of the powerful anti-aging nutrient zeatin than any other known plant -- which results in smoother skin with a noticeable reduction in wrinkles.  (See page 24)

     "Underground Health Reporter gives cutting-edge information on vital facets of health and well-being, incorporating the very latest advances in medical science and related disciplines, presented in a simple language that really empowers the reader." -- Leslie J., Grand Rapids, Michigan

How Cancer Tumors are Dissolved in 40 Seconds!  A medicineless hospital in China routinely dissolves cancerous tumors using a 5,000-year-old healing practice.  A stunning videotape shows hospital practitioners dissolving an orange-sized tumor in 40 seconds!  Once you discover the power of this simple approach, you can use it to treat almost any ailment.  (See page 30)

Healing Phytochemical from Olive Leaf Extract
A Phytochemical Found in Olive Leaf Extract Eliminates Cancer Tumors.  In a lab test, this phytochemical stopped the progress of cancer in 9 to 12 days!  This non-toxic solution is now considered a powerful weapon against bacteria, viruses (including HIV, herpes and shingles), fungus yeast infections, Chlamydia and other health conditions.   (See page 32)

This Simple, Natural "Vitamin" Can Reduce ALL Cancer Deaths by 50%.  Few people are aware of the importance of consistently getting enough of this to inhibit the onset and spread of cancer.  (See page 39)

A Colloidal Solution Reverts Cancer Cells Back to Normal.  This safe, powerful "natural antibiotic" safely and quickly kills the microbes inside cancer cells, thereby causing them to revert back to normal.  This trace mineral was discovered and used successfully for centuries -- but was forgotten in the 1940s when pharmaceutical prescriptions became the norm.  It's proven to eliminate everything from cancer to hepatitis C, gangrene, and viral/bacterial infections.  (See page 42)

Japanese "Dancing Mushroom" Clinically Proven to Prevent and Heal Cancer -- and Decrease or Eliminate Tumors.  This  therapeutic delicacy from Japan blocks the growth of cancer tumors and boosts the immune system.  It has been shown in a clinical study to cause regression in 68.8% of breast cancer subjects, and has also been proven effective against leukemia, as well as stomach, bone and liver cancer.  A liver tumor vanished entirely after a patient added this compound to her diet!  (See page 46)

Carcinogenic Oil
Warning:  A Commonly Used Cooking Oil Linked to High Lung Cancer Rates!  This oil, first introduced in 1986, was touted as a health oil.  Not too many people know that frying with this oil releases toxic, carcinogenic fumes.  In recent epidemiological studies, it was shown that high lung cancer rates in Chinese women were linked to wok cooking with this oil.  It is also linked to prostate cancer, anemia, fibrotic lesions of the heart, constipation and other toxic disorders.  (See page 48)


Mainstream Medicine Shocked by This Arthritis Solution That Rebuilds Cartilage.  A drug-free solution for arthritis that actually rebuilds cartilage shocked the medical mainstream.  (See page 125)

Arthritis World Famous Doctor Reveals Non-Drug Cure for Arthritis -- This new arthritis protocol (which is protected by 14 patents) has been shown to halt the breakdown of cartilage and throws it in reverse Ten clinical trials costing $45 million proves that this molecule is the most effective natural supplement for joint pain.  Glucosamine and chondroitin are not the answer because they have absolutely no effect on the real cause of joint destruction -- and they actually contribute to the breakdown of cartilage!   (See page 130)

Pain Managed and Swelling Minimized within an Hour.  This colorless liquid penetrates the skin quickly and deeply, and causes "speed healing" -- often doubling or tripling healing response times.  Many types of injuries or ailments, such as arthritis, respond well to this particular remedy.  Because of its ability to permeate cell membranes, bruising often diminishes in minutes, and swelling is minimized within an hour(See page 91)

DNA Repair and Restructuring:

Healing Frequency A Single Musical Note Repairs and Restructures Your DNA and Delivers Unlimited Potential for Healing.   This musical note, which vibrates at a specific frequency, is used by biochemists because of its healing effect on human DNA.  A world famous Harvard doctor even  declares that all healing is caused by the vibrations from this frequency.  "Profound healing effects" can occur without treatments or medication of any kind.  (See page 52)

Program Your DNA to Create a Healthy Body in as Little as 2 Minutes.  Specific emotions can affect how your DNA structures itself in a matter of minutes.  A recent study from the Institute of HeartMath has shed startling results.  Imagine being able to influence your own DNA to create a healthier body!  (See page 51)

Scientifically Validated Mind Technology Shown to Cause Spontaneous Remission from Disease.  This discovery is being hailed worldwide as a major breakthrough which proves that our bodies -- and our genes -- can be changed, healed and transformed by retraining our thoughts.  Abnormal genes can actually be "rewritten" and changed to a healthier state -- and you can experience healing results instantly.   (See page 53)

Superfoods and Functional Nutrients That Heal:

The Oil from This Culinary Spice is Also a Powerful Natural Antibiotic -- This essential oil has "pharmacologic" action unseen in many other natural remedies -- and has been shown to reduce infection "as effectively as traditional antibiotics," according to a Georgetown University study.  It has been compared favorably with streptomycin, penicillin -- and even vancomycin, which is considered the most potent antibiotic.  Fortunately, the price tag for this essential oil is a tiny fraction of the cost of an antibiotic prescription.  (See page 63)

The Single Most Health-Enhancing, Weight-Reducing, Healing,  Detoxifying and Anti-Aging Habit You Can Adopt -- This delicious 60/40 "Magic" drink can help you lose weight, prevent chronic diseases and overcome longstanding health problems.  One man lost 240 pounds in a year drinking this special tonic -- and conquered Type II diabetes within 3 weeks(See page 64)

     "I love the Underground Health Reporter's cutting-edge alternative health information you can't get elsewhere.  It is straightforward and written in a manner that is easy to understand. The best part is the critically helpful advice as to exactly where to get the recommended therapies, devices, supplements, herbs and nutrients." -- Elsa R., Preston, United Kingdom

Herbal Remedies That Work:

Pain Relief Oil
The Oil of an Aromatic Herb Relieves Headache Pain as Effectively as Tylenol and OTC Analgesics.  Rubbing this oil on your forehead relieves pain -- without the side effects of over-the-counter drugs.  Researchers at the Neurological Clinic at Christian-Albrechts University in Kile, Germany, showed clinical proof of the effectiveness of this natural remedy.  (See page 69)

This Peruvian Herb is One of the Best Known Natural Aphrodisiacs -- This has achieved the reputation of being a "super herb" because it heals a variety of health conditions, and enhances fertility and libido.  In addition to stimulating sexual pleasure, it also increases energy and mental clarity.  (See page 71)

A "Miracle Herb" from the Amazon Rainforest Combats Cancerous Tumors and Other Diseases.  International researchers have studied and confirmed that this potent herb is anti-leukemic, anti-tumorous and anti-cancerous.  In a lab, the herb inhibited the growth of breast cancer cells by 90%(See page 72)

Heal the Mind, Heal the Body:

The Single Most Powerful Daily Practice for Enhancing Your Health and Well-Being -- This often-ignored practice has a profound healing capability and causes dramatic physiological, and even emotional, changes to occur.  It keeps the lymph from becoming sluggish and stagnant, thereby warding off diseases.  Experience positive benefits within just a few minutes(See page 77)

Profound Healing Capability This "mysterious human phenomenon" enhances feelings of joyfulness, creates a surge of serotonin ( feel-good brain chemical), boosts your physical and emotional well-being -- and strengthens the immune system instantly(See page 79)

The 6-Minute Antidote to Stress -- A revolutionary healing technique designed by Dr. Alex Loyd gets rid of the real cause of stress.  This simple technique, which you can do anytime -- at home, at work or anywhere -- neutralizes everyday stress and instantly rejuvenates and revitalizes you in 6 minutes.  (See page 81)

Boost Your IQ in Just 10 Minutes - It's scientifically proven that listening to music written by a specific classical musician can improve intelligence.  The boost in IQ has been documented by a study at the University of California at Irvine.  (See page 82)

     "I run a clinic that specializes in Health, Wellness and Anti-Aging.  The Underground Health Reporter is a valuable resource that I share with my patients.  It always contains new valuable information about natural healing methods, superfoods, herbs and therapeutic options." -- L. Hopkins, Honolulu, Hawaii

Harness Your Hidden Healing Power to Erase Disease, Pain and Sickness at Amazing Speeds.  There's a simple blueprint to activate your innate power to heal yourself and others.  Medical doctors have called the results of this healing method "absolutely remarkable" and "phenomenal."  (See page 146)

Melt Away Disease Using Nothing More Than Your Fingertips!  This energy medicine technique effectively clears destructive cellular memories that shut down your immune system.  Once you turn your immune system back on and it's working as it should, it's almost impossible to get sick or stay sick(See page 155)

Music Bath
A "Music Bath" That Produces Miraculous Transformation -- Harness music's amazing power to positively affect your physical, emotional and mental well-being -- and transform every area of your life.  People who listen to this specially created audio template instantly change their lives for the better!  (See page 156)

Unlock your inner genius!  Your unconscious mind is inherently brilliant.  It allows you to tap subconscious guidance to deliver "genius" answers to questions about a business deal, a relationship, and finances -- in as little as one minute.  You can also boost your IQ, solve any problem, accelerate learning, recognize golden opportunities, and supercharge your intuition(See page 159)

A to Z:  From Asthma to Viruses

One of the Best Asthma Treatments Costs Nothing!  This simple systemic supplement for asthma is absolutely free -- and does not cause the adverse effects brought about by many asthma medications and inhalers.  Insufficiency of this supplement can cause a 50% increase in severe asthma attacks(See page 87)

Macular Degeneration
FACT:  Statistics show that people over the age of 55 are at high risk for degenerative eye disease or permanent blindness.  A simple lifestyle change makes you 70% less likely to suffer this fate.  Plus, an amazing supplement is proven by the National Eye Institute to slow the progression of common eye diseases and help prevent blindness..  (See page 122)

A Japanese Food Substance Dissolves Blood Clots Better Than Any Drug -- and Reduces Blood Pressure!  This popular Japanese breakfast food was proven in 1980 to dissolve blood clots within 18 hours.  It can also lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.  (See page 88)

     "I am a pharmacist and ever since I encountered the Underground Health Reporter, I've become convinced that health alternatives are a better way to go." -- Diana S., Vancouver, British Columbia

Overwhelming Scientific Evidence Proves the Pain-Killing and Therapeutic Benefits of This Simple Compound.  The rapid pain-killing effectiveness of this healing agent has been demonstrated in front of the watchful eyes of onlookers.  This time-tested compound -- which dates back to the 1950s -- is so effective in dealing with pain that many patients ignore their doctors' prescriptions and use this instead.  (See page 91)

Hand-Held Zapper Device 
Zap viruses, harmful bacteria, pathogens and parasites from your body in minutes.  Using a low-voltage "zap" from an inexpensive hand-held device that's available online, destructive viruses and bacteria are eliminated in minutes.  Pathogens and parasites such as tapeworm stages and ringworms are eradicated in 5 minutes.  (See page 95)

Why High Doses of the Wrong Kind of Antioxidants Can Be Poisonous -- and Even Increase the Risk of Death -- Even though antioxidants have been regarded as "miracle supplements" since the 1950s, every long-term study involving antioxidant supplementation proves that people get sicker -- not healthier -- when they take a particular group of antioxidants.  There's only one natural version of antioxidants that is beneficial to health.  (See page 97)

WARNING: Arthritis Medication Actually Harms Cartilage -- Among the most popular drugs on the market are pain relievers â€" non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).  Over the years, NSAIDs have been shown to destroy cartilage, making joint problems worse, as well as causing congenital heart failure (CHF).  (See page 98)

Doctor-Recommended Drug-Free Diabetes Remedy May Make Diabetes Medications Obsolete!  This simple, inexpensive, safe, non-drug approach to diabetes has a 100% success rate.  The doctor who discovered it has never had a single patient who was not able to get off their diabetes medicines using this revolutionary solution.  In a UCLA clinical study on diabetes, Type 2 diabetes patients were able to reverse their diabetes in just 3 weeks(See page 132)

WARNING: Lowering Your Blood Sugar Puts You at Risk of Death -- A medical study involving the lowering of blood sugar was abruptly halted when the results showed that more patients who experienced a decrease in blood sugar had heart attacks or died than others in the study.  If you're a diabetic, you must have this important information!  (See page 133)

Wonder Granules
"Wonder Granules" Break Up Cholesterol and Help Lower Blood Pressure Naturally!  Research reveals that these granules also disperse fat, and prevent dangerous fatty build-up in the arteries and veins.  (See page 139)

Reduce Your Risk of Getting a Heart Attack to Zero -- A specific nutrient can save you from a heart attack. This highly-effective substance binds with calcium deposits (plaque) and flushes them out.  Clearing plaque is one of the best ways to help prevent a heart attack or stroke.  (See page 138)

Lose Weight Naturally:

A "Broom for the Stomach" -- Sweep Away 25% of the Calories You Eat -- A root vegetable from Japan with virtually no calories, but high content of water, has the unique ability of expanding dramatically in your digestive tract -- and flushing 25% of calories out of your body.  (See page 104)

Eliminate Abdominal Fat
Rub Your Stomach Away in Just 2 Minutes a Day -- An easy, two-minute exercise literally sweeps your intestines clean and helps reduce body fat -- especially abdominal fat.  This simple "internal exercise" also restores the efficiency of your digestive system.  (See page 106)

Stop Sugar Cravings with 2 Trace Minerals -- Mineral deficiencies cause a condition called pica, which triggers the craving for sweets.  Supplementing with 2 trace minerals helps stop the cravings -- and also helps normalize blood sugar, thereby preventing diabetes and hypoglycemia.  (See page 101)

This Type of Protein Makes Your Body a Fat-Burning Furnace!  People who consume an abundance of this milk-based protein can raise the body's metabolic rate by as much as 68%.  This accelerates the fat-burning process, and is the key to having a lean, youthful body and preventing bone and muscle loss.  (See page 102)

Fruit That Blocks Carbs From Turning Into Fat The Rind of This Curious Asian Fruit Blocks the Enzyme That Turns Carbs to Fat -- An 8-week study conducted in Georgetown University shows that a compound from the rind of this exotic fruit causes significant reduction in weight, a decrease in appetite and food intake -- and an increase in fat-burning.  The results of the study are simply astonishing!  (See page 193)

Why Eating More of This Type of Fat Makes You Lose Body Fat.   Consuming certain oils and essential fats creates fat-burning enzymes that burn off calories as heat.  In several studies, when obese people were given 45 to 75 mL of this fat per day, they consistently lost 30 to 50 pounds of pure body fat in a year's time(See page 195)

A Mushroom That Makes You Skinny -- There's a medicinal mushroom that when dehydrated and encased in a capsule, expands in your stomach -- activating the satiety response and enabling you to lose unwanted pounds.  Because the mushroom is nutrient-dense, it also fulfills much of the body's nutritional needs and promotes good health.  (See page 198)

Don't Fall for the Acai Berry "Tiny Belly" Trick -- Even though acai berries do possess numerous health properties, their ability to trim belly fat is questionable, at best.  Discover what truly works from a man who lost 42 pounds of fat and 10 inches off his belly in just weeks -- and whose wife lost 60 pounds and shrank 8 dress sizes(See page 201)

Super Supplements:

Feng Shui Balance
3 Superfoods That Deliver Super Nutrition -- These are 3 of the most nutrient-dense foods on earth with spectacular anti-aging nutrients that you can't be without if you want to optimize your health and longevity.  (See page 165)

When Doctors Feel Pain, This is What They Use -- Doctors who are "in the know" often skip the pain meds and head straight for this natural pain remedy that erases virtually any kind of pain on contact.  It's a topical pain remedy that produces little or no side effects.   (See page 172)

Using Technology for Optimum Health:

Remarkable Brain Technology Used by a Million People to Make Startling Improvements in Their Lives -- Brain wave patterns similar to those of Indian yogis or Zen monks in deep meditation can now be summoned on demand.  A high-tech brain technology can induce these deep meditative states (which take years to master on your own) -- thereby producing better health, improving productivity and problem-solving abilities, increasing longevity and enhancing your sense of well-being(See page 181)

Erase Pain, Eliminate Addictions and Heal Yourself of 300 Diseases Simply by Touching Your Ear -- Touching functional points on your outer ear can enable you to easily kick the smoking habit or other addictions, alleviate pain and resolve even longstanding health problems. This clinical science is recognized by the World Health Organization and approved by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA).  (See page 185)

Pre-Programming Dream Technology
New Science Reveals How Pre-Programming Dreams Can Cure Your Mind and Body â€" Researchers have discovered that what happens in your "dream state" affects your physical state, and vice versa.  The astonishing results of the research show that you can actually "pre-program a dream" and slip messages right past the resistance of your conscious mind.  Commands go directly to the subconscious where the mind is able to change programmed opinions, as well as self-defeating beliefs and behaviors that are hardwired within you.  (See page 179)

The "Secret Seducers" That Make You Seductive and Desirable to the Opposite Sex.  Odorless chemicals secreted in human sweat have sexual attractant properties that can boost your sexual attractiveness and animal magnetism, according to several scientific studies.  Synthetic versions of these chemicals, when optimized, have been shown to arouse romantic feelings, cause sexual stimulation and make an individual appear more attractive to the opposite sex.  (See page 175)

One of the World's Best Natural Aphrodisiacs -- This "super herb" grown in the Andean plateaus of Peru is best known for its ability to enhance libido and fertility.  It also minimizes PMS symptoms, increases energy, improves mental clarity, relieves pain ... and helps in the prevention of several forms of cancer.  (See page 71)

One-and-a-Half Cent Healthcare for Recessionary Times -
In these uncertain economic times -- and with the repercussions of the new healthcare law about to be felt -- there's a natural therapy that has been shown to heal virtually all diseases.  It is used by 15,000 European doctors to heal millions of patients -- costs only 1-1/2 cents a day -- and it can be your health insurance in these recessionary times.   (See page 202)

How This Book Can Prevent Health Care Costs and Medical Bills From Wiping Out Your Finances!

Medical Costs Cause Bankruptcyid you know that medical bills are the leading cause of bankruptcy?  A study published by the American Journal of Medicine finds a nearly 20 percent increase in medical bankruptcies between 2001 and 2007.  Sixty-two percent (62%) of all bankruptcies filed in 2007 were tied to medical expenses -- and that percentage is rising. 

     The shocking fact is that three-quarters of those who filed for bankruptcies in 2007 had health insurance!

Will you be among the 62% of the population who will go bankrupt from unpaid medical bills?  Remember:  Even if you're in fairly good health, a sudden heart attack ... a stroke ... cancer ... an unexpected illness ... or a medical catastrophe can bankrupt your family -- even if you have health insurance!

     This is one of the main reasons why hundreds of thousands of people are flocking to the Underground Health Reporter for health information.  The alternative health breakthroughs and natural remedies compiled in the Underground Health Reporter book cost a tiny fraction of their medical or pharmaceutical counterparts.  And they can even prevent you from getting sick in the first place. 

     The exorbitant prices of pharmaceutical drugs reflect the GREED of the pharmaceutical industry, and their lack of concern for the health and financial welfare of people. 

     Consider the average cost of chemotherapy, for example.  According to the National Cancer Institute, 10 years worth of chemo treatments for breast cancer (which may be intermittent) cost an average of
$21,000, while prostate and lung cancer cost approximately $40,000.

     In contrast, there are 9 alternative cancer treatments that are presented in the
Underground Health Reporter book ... two of them are free ... some of them cost pennies a day ... and the rest are inexpensive compared to chemotherapy. 

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FACT:  38% of the Population Now Use Alternative Health Options

verybody knows that conventional medicine and drugs only treat symptoms and "manage" diseases and chronic conditions -- but clearly, they do not heal or cure people. 

     The worst part is that some medical treatments and pharmaceutical drugs often cause dangerous side effects, or bring about other health problems -- and even

     I recently came across some chilling news from the Centers for Disease Control:

"The Leading Cause of Death and Injury in the U.S. is the American Medical System"

American Medical System     The odds of being killed by conventional medicine are almost 20 times greater than being killed in a car accident -- and almost 30 times greater than being killed by a gun.

     The total number of U.S. deaths caused by medical errors of all types ranges from 800,000 to 1 million every year.  That means that over a 10-year cumulative period, almost 3 times more human lives have been lost than all the deaths from all the wars that America has fought in its entire history.

     The conclusion is that the American medical system is the leading cause of death and injury in the United States.

     As a result, people have begun to lose their reliance on conventional medicine and drugs, and are turning to alternative medicine to take charge of their own health. 

     The public's interest in alternative health is so tremendous that an estimated
38% of the population now use alternative health options, according to a survey conducted by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

Underground Health Reporter     When it comes to alternative health options, there's no better resource than the
Underground Health Reporter book.

     Why?  Because much of the health information that abounds (especially on the Internet) is not scientifically validated -- or is based on folklore, anecdotes, half-truths and unsubstantiated claims.  Some individuals or enterprises are deliberately deceptive, often making misleading claims that could prove to be more dangerous than beneficial to you if you are suffering from pain, disease and health problems.

     In contrast, the
Underground Health Reporter has had a sterling reputation for providing only health information that is based on verifiable scientific research.  This makes  the Underground Health Reporter book a must-have resource for natural health solutions and drug-free alternatives (that actually work).

     Will you put your health -- and your life -- in the hands of the medical and pharmaceutical industries that can't heal you or your loved ones?  Or will you choose to exercise your health freedom by taking charge of your own health?

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The Least Expensive "Health Insurance" You'll Ever Buy

Health Care Costsid you know that in 2011, Americans spent $2.7 trillion on health care -- or an average of  $8,648 per person?  That's approximately 18 cents of every dollar on health care!  In 2020, health care is expected to cost an average of $13,700 per person! 

Don't let escalating heatlhcare costs scare you. 
The Underground Health Reporter book offers a better solution.  Most of the health options presented in the book are low-cost, affordable therapies -- many cost only pennies a day, and some of them are even free!  And the best part is that each health option presented in the book is backed by solid scientific research and fully verified -- and  you're assured of getting reliable health information.

     As you read each page of this book, you'll gain confidence that you can restore your own health, live longer and enjoy an outstanding quality of life.  And you won't get tangled up in medical jargon which is only suited for medical professionals.  The book is written in plain English and in a manner that is easy for the average person to understand. 

      When you own this treasure trove of alternative health information, you'll be able to ...

  Discover alternative health treatments that really work
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that drugs and doctors can't cure
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ecently, we conducted a survey of our Underground Health Reporter readers.  We asked the survey respondents what specific health condition the information in the Underground Health Reporter has helped them overcome

     Of the 2,315 respondents, 240 people said they were able to overcome cancer ... 146 people said they were able to overcome diabetes ... and hundreds more have been able to overcome other health conditions such as hypertension ... arthritis ... high cholesterol ... pain ... heart problems ... blood disorders ... excess weight ... and much more.

Underground Health Reporter     How about you?  What specific health conditions would you be able to overcome as a result of reading the Underground Health Reporter book?

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      Best of all, the book comes with a
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     If you use just one of the alternative health options presented within its 216 pages, the book may already pay for itself a thousand times over.

     While you're sitting there reading this, I know you're beginning to understand why you can't afford to waste any more time getting less than the best alternative health options available.  What you'll learn from this book could spell the difference between poor health, sickness or pain ... and vibrant health for you and your loved ones.

     For your sake, I hope you'll choose to discover the most eye-opening health information ever compiled by owning the Underground Health Reporter book.  You can gain immediate access to all the little-known health breakthroughs, natural remedies, and underground cures by purchasing a digital download (the electronic book).  You'll receive the e-book within minutes and begin using the remarkable health information even before day's end. 

Wishing you the best of health,

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P.S.  Did you know that if you go into a hospital ... there's a
1 in 9 chance that you'll leave with an infection that you didn't have before?  Here are "7 Reasons Why Mainstream Medicine is Dangerous to Your Health" -- and why you must check out the alternative health options in the
Underground Health Reporter book instead.

7 Reasons Why Mainstream Medicine is Dangerous
to Your Health

1.  According to an article published in the June 11, 2011 issue of The Journal of the American Medical Association, 1.9 million hospitalizations annually are due to medication side effects or errors.

2.  HealthGrades reported that in 2011, the number of incidents caused by medical harm in hospitals is estimated to be over
40,000 every day, according to the Institute for Healthcare Improvement.  That's 14,600,000 incidents per year.  And despite good intentions, over the past 7 years, very little improvement has been made in reducing medical errors.

     Does that make you wonder how many of those "incidents" are happening at your hospital every single day?

3.  The June 2010 issue of the Journal of General Internal Medicine reported that a study revealed ". . .
almost a quarter-million deaths were coded as having occurred in a hospital setting due to medication errors."

4.  The Federal Health and Human Services department reported that
one in every 20 patients admitted to a hospital acquires an infection.

5.  Big Pharma makes huge profits from patented drugs.  How much?  NaturalNews.com reported as much as a
569,000% markup!  The average is 30,000% to 50,000% more than the actual cost of the ingredients in the prescriptions.  It's highway robbery!

6.  Major media outlets reported that physicians have stated repeatedly they've thought about leaving the profession if the healthcare "reform" is fully implemented.  The system is already short on doctors, and some would-be physicians question their decision to study medicine after all.

     In short, there aren't enough doctors to handle the patient load now ... and who knows how the quality of care will suffer without adequate staff.

7.  According to Forbes, hospitals have shaved their budgets to the bone, yet the government is asking them to make deeper cuts.  Richard Foster, the President's Medicare Actuary, "projected that
15 percent of hospitals would become permanently unprofitable.  It will become much harder for seniors to gain access to doctors ..."

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